Emily N. Alstot Memorial Scholarship

The Emily N. Alstot Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a 3rd year Architecture major with a 3.0 or better Cal Poly GPA. Selected student must have demonstrated participation in design lab and community service. Students must provide a brief essay and one additional peer letter of recommendation. If there are no eligible 3rd year students, a 4th year student can be selected.

Supplemental Questions
  1. In memory of Emily N. Alstot, this scholarship recognizes a 3rd, 4th or 5th year architecture student who exhibits a special combination of academic talent and personal skills. The student selected for this award has a friendly, helpful character and contributes to the learning process by demonstrating academic diligence, overall helpfulness to design lab peers, and generosity in sharing time, advice and materials. Concisely describe how you embody the above description.
  2. In addition to the faculty recommendation previously requested, please provide the name, contact information, and a recommendation from a lab peer with whom you have worked. This recommendation should demonstrate how the applicant embodies the scope of this scholarship as described above. Please upload a one page signed pdf that includes contact information for the reference.